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Covid-19 Policies

You will need to sign a waiver prior to your session. This waiver outlines the sick policy, rescheduling policy and what I am doing to keep you safe!

I will be wearing a mask your entire session, but you are not required to wear one once we begin shooting.

Sessions are to be limited to 9 persons, and they must live in the same household as you.

Session Reschedules due to Covid-19

There is absolutely no fee associated with rescheduling your session if you or someone in your household is experiencing covid-19 symptoms. All reschedules will take place 30 or more days after initial diagnosis.

Wedding Reschedules due to Covid-19

Before choosing a date, please reach out to all of your vendors with a list of possible dates. Most vendors book up to a year in advanced, and with some dates being more popular than others, it's best you check in first, so that you don't lose out on the deposits you made. Your retainer and any payments made to me will move to your new date. Soft hold dates can be held for 2 weeks while you wait for the confirmation from other vendors.