Tiffany's Top 10

  1. The smell of fresh flowers
  2. Dog snuggles
  3. A warm bowl of soup on a cold day
  4. Targets Dollar section
  5. Macarons
  6. The sound of the ocean on a hot summer day
  7. Brunch with Friends
  8. Art Museums
  9. Binge Watching a Netfilx show in one day
  10. Jamming to music from the 90's

The story behind the name

You might be wondering how I came up with the name Luner Photography.

Well.....let me introduce you to my muse. My sweet chocolate lab Luna. Or as we like to call her in this house; Luna Bear, Luner, and Poochie. Naming my business after something I cherish so very much means the world to me. (even though she hates having her photo taken )

Take a stroll with me, and let me show you a little piece of my heart.

My love

I met Reid back in 2013 on a dating website. To say I was scared to meet a stranger from the internet was an understatement. HELLO LIFETIME MOVIES - thanks for the trauma! hahah But I showed up, we had dinner, saw a movie, and I fell smitten for him. A few weeks later after I returned from my trip to Disney, we were living with one another, and less than a year later we were Engaged!

Things happened so fast for us, but we've been married almost 7 years now, and I wouldn't trade our journey for the world. I think my weird "how did you meet" story is why I'm so interested in my couples. It's so fascinating to me to learn about how you first met, how your love blossomed, and how the question was popped!