Some of my favorite things:

“Buying colorful office supplies
The smell of fresh flowers
Supporting small businesses
Brunch with friends
Cuddles with my fur baby Luna
Binge watching Netflix Originals
Day trips with my hubby
Visiting art museums + Seeing shows on Broadway
The dollar section at Target
Spa Days”

Take a stroll with me, and let me show you a little piece of my heart.

My love.

Reid and I met back in 2013 via an online dating site, and during our first date (dinner and a movie) I had instant butterflies. He was extremely affectionate, and constantly had me laughing. I knew within months that I would marry this kid, and in September of 2015 we said our hand written vows in front of our closest family and friends.

This guy has never discouraged me from following my dreams, and even though he doesn't quite understand the photography world, he's a supporter, and I'm so thankful for that!

My family.

I wouldn't be where I am today without the love and support from my family. These guys hand out business cards, talk me up to co workers, like and comment on my posts, and always make me feel like a rock star.

If you're reading this , and you don't have a close relationship with your family , you're officially adopted, and invited to our cookouts. There is always room at the table for good people, and since my Dad cooks like he has 50 kids..there's always plenty of food.

My baby.

This sweet girl of mine is the light of my life. She's gentle, kind, and her eyes make me weak. I'm totally wrapped around her finger for sure, and she knows it.

Fun fact: Luner Photography's name came from a nick name we give Luna. While she has many, one of them is Luner. When thinking of a name for my business, this is the one thing I kept coming back here we are..LUNER PHOTOGRAPHY!

My clients.

It's no surprise that I love what I do, but being apart of your story. Your special moments makes me SO happy. I hope to create longtime connections with my clients. I want to be there through all of your life's milestones, but also..let's grab brunch!

My clients are a mix of spicy and sweet, and I just adore that! They have the sweetest souls, don't take life for granted, and value photography. Plus, they're hilarious. Dad jokes, and animal noises are my jam.

Did we just become best friends?!