Meet Tiffany

I believe it's important to hire someone you vibe with. Someone who can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera - someone you'll want to come back to for years to come because everyone in your family has so much fun!

My love for photography started in Highschool when I learned how to shoot and develop film. After that class , I always had a camera in hand, taking pictures of anyone, and anything I could find. Remember those nifty Kodak wind up cameras that you'd have to send off for development? Yeah..I started there, and then finally one Christmas I received my first Canon Digital Camera. I went years being the designated family photographer, and then something lit a fire inside me to turn this passion into a business.

Tiffany's Top 10!

The smell of fresh flowers


A warm bowl of soup on a cold day

90's music

Brunch with Friends

Dog Snuggles

The sound of the ocean

Art Museums

Binge watching Selling Sunset + Love is Blind

My family

The meaning behind the name

Luner Photography is named after our sweet girl Luna. She's an energetic, loving, always hungry, snuggle bug of a Chocolate Lab. Ever since walking into her life in 2013 when I met my Husband, we've been inseparable. No really...she literally follows me everywhere! One of her many MANY nicknames is shadow! Luner is her other nickname that we use for her, and when starting my business back in 2017, the name just felt "right" So when you book with me, you're not only supporting my business, but you're supporting my small little fam , too!

Client Love

Laura + Jeff

1 / 3

"Tiffany is the best! We’ve been thrown a lot of curveballs in planning our wedding, and It has been so nice to work with a photographer who is so kind and flexible, always making sure we’re having a positive experience. Tiffany makes us feel comfortable, despite the fact that my fiancé and I are not big on taking pictures. We truly love every photo she’s taken of us, especially the ones with our rambunctious little puppy."

1 / 3