Top 3 Reasons to Book a Best Friend Session

Quality Time

Let's face it. As we get older, meet our partners, start families, and establish careers, finding time to spend one on one together can be challenging. When you schedule a photo session, you both are clearing your calendar, making an effort, and getting to spend totally un-interrupted time together. And hey, when the session is over, go to dinner, grab drinks, and continue on with your Bestie Day!

Personal stylist + hype person

No one hypes you up like your Bestie! They know you inside and out, and can recommend the best outfit choices, fix your fly away hairs, while also totally hyping you up during your session. I mean who doesn't love a good YASS QUEEN..WERK IT...YOU ARE GLOWING being thrown in their face?! I know that hypes me up!

The Memories

Selfies are great, but having candid, fun photos together that are taken by a professional is *chefs kiss* Many people have known their best friend longer than they've known their partner, and what better way to document your love and friendship then with professional photos.