When choosing a location for your family portraits, there are a lot of things to consider. What are you going to wear? Will these images be hung on your walls and does the location you're picking go with your current home decor ?

Just some of the backgrounds to consider for your portraits are:

  • Beaches
  • Gardens
  • Urban Cities
  • Trails/Parks
  • Your home

If you're home is decorated in neutrals, you might not want your photographs to be taken in a colorful garden, or busy city. The same applies with wardrobe. More relaxed outfits go great in urban cities, whereas a dressier attire like pictured above, compliment so well in Gardens and Beaches.

Luckily , all of my clients receive a list of my favorite locations when reaching out to book a portrait session, and once booked I offer styling assistance if desired. Simply send me a list of places you and your family like to shop and I'll email over a variety of links to choose from that match your location!

Melisa did an amazing job styling her family for her Maternity Session at the ever gorgeous Sherwood Gardens. Their outfits were stylish, dressy, and totally complemented the gardens and sunset glow. You can find her dress on Amazon HERE !

If you're interested in booking a portrait session with me, simply send an email to Hello@lunerphotography.com or fill out the contact form on my website!