Studio Vs. Lifestyle Session

When planning your Newborn session it's important to decide whether you'd prefer a studio session or in home lifestyle session. Both are beautiful in their own way, but the galleries are different, and I like to think the experience is too.

Here are the main differences:


  • Use of artificial light most often in a photographers studio
  • Props, backdrops, and outfits are typically used
  • Session timeframe is typically 2+ hours
  • Scheduled within 14 days of your little ones birth
  • Images are thought out, creative, and posed


  • Use of natural light in the comfort of your home
  • Little to no props, use of rooms in your home like nursery, bedroom, etc
  • Session timeframe is relaxed and usually under 2 hours
  • Can be scheduled up to 4 weeks after your little ones birth
  • Images are less posed, organic + focus on your love + interaction with your baby/family

Why I prefer Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I think the entire experience is easier on my families when they opt for a Lifestyle session. Not only is the session itself more relaxed because you're in the comfort of your own home, but should your little one get fussy, need a quick change, or maybe their older sibling needs a break, there are plenty of other things I can photograph while your crew takes a 10 minute breather. Usually during this time I photograph details of the nursery, or little details from the hospital like babies sonogram photos, welcome home outfits etc.

My clients who have chosen to book a lifestyle session always tell me how glad they are they went this route. The top comments I get are that they didn't have to lug everything under the sun with them to travel to a studio AND that while recovering from the birth itself, the process was just easier navigating though because they were home, and able to take breaks.

No matter what route you take, it's never too early to reach out to a photographer about getting on their calendar. When booking with me, I block the entire day off for you, and we create a backup date should you give birth early/late.