A perfect way to end Summer:

I've been photographing the Wilson's for a few years now, and I'm always in awe at how naturally genuine these guys are with each other. During sessions, it can sometimes feel awkward, forced, or posed, but not with these guys. They instinctively make one another laugh by cracking jokes, or making faces. They embrace each other organically, and express themselves freely, and I have to say..it not only makes my job easier, but it makes for better photographs.

Each of their boys have their own personality. One loves photos, while the other...not so much. That's how it goes though, right? I love being able to allow for each child to pose how they want at least once during your session with me. It not only makes them feel more comfortable, but it allows for their true personalities to shine. Check out how these two brothers chose to express themselves once I got a good "mom approved" photo first. Are your kids like this, too?

I can't wait to head back to the Miller's Farm next year for Sunflower sessions. This location was drop dead gorgeous, and the way the sun hit the fields during sunset was pure magic!