They're Engaged!

Laura + Jeff are getting married next summer, and I just think their love story is the cutest! They both are high school teachers in Montgomery County, and have known each other since 2015. One day during PSA testing, while they both chaperoned the same batch of students, Jeff finally got up the courage to ask Laura out.

Little did they know, that hangout would turn into hours of chatting and getting to know one another, which eventually led to them dating! 4 years later and they are Engaged + just purchased their first home together. Isn't that just the sweetest!?

The Proposal

Laura had no idea Jeff was going to propose, and I'm honestly impressed with his ring picking skills. I don't think I've seen a more gorgeous looking ring, and that's saying a lot since I love my own! haha

Get this: Jeff even made sure Laura had her nails done on the day he proposed, so that she'd be picture ready. Can we say GOALS!

Guys thinking of proposing...TAKE NOTES. Girls want to post they are engaged immediately after it happens, and we feel so much better when we are pampered, and looking our best for social media.

I hope you guys enjoyed a quick peek into their gorgeous Fall Engagement session! Let me know what you think below!