Why Branding Sessions Are Important

If you're reading this, then you either have thought about a personal branding session, or you're interested in seeing what one can entail. I offer both petite and full branding sessions, as I believe we all deserve options that best fit our business. Petite branding sessions are up to two hours long, and can take place at two locations. Some clients choose to have them outside, while others like to have them in the comfort of their home, office , or a local coffee shop. Full branding sessions are exactly the same as the petite, but you receive more time, images, and overall content for your brand.

So what is a branding session you might ask? Well..whether you realize this or not, your business, no matter the size has an identity. Your followers, and potential clients like your images, peruse your website, and follow along on your journey not just because of the service you offer..but because of who you are, and how you connect to them on a personal level. This could be a common interest in a local coffee shop, or maybe you both adore all things related to puppies. We aren't just people behind these social media accounts. We have likes, dislikes, highs and lows, and so do our clients.

Branding sessions take what you love, who you are and the "why" behind your business, and translate those things into photographs. My sessions aren't cookie cutter images. They're unique to each brand, and business owner. If this blog post is speaking to your soul, and you want more information, send me an email at lunerphotography@yahoo.com, and type Branding Session in the subject line. I can't wait to hear from you!