Support Small Business'

I began collaborating with other boss babe owned business' last year to help create product images for their website and social media platforms. Amy , the owner of Mugfirm makes the cutest mugs ever, and every time I work with her products I have a blast! She just recently came out with some new designs, so of course I had to snag some for my collection!

For this shoot, I knew I needed models that were fun, and down for anything! When I reached out to my nieces, and showed them how fun these mugs were, they instantly agreed to help me out! Huge shout out to the manager at Panera Bread who allowed us to use their location for these images!

If you're in the market for a fun birthday or holiday gift, definitely go check Amy's shop out on Etsy. You can find all of her mugs, and other items here:

Cheers, Friends !